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Best Hygiene Vaginal Health Tips

9 Best Vaginal Health Tips- Things You Can’t-Miss Now

Feminine hygiene is directly associated with the health and hygiene of the vaginal part of a woman. Even, in the modern world, no one wants to talk about it openly. However, one should know that it is very important to keep genitals clean in order to keep the reproductive tract in good condition. Independent of age, every woman should know some basic and standard vaginal hygiene rules. Here are a few Best Vaginal Health Tips by The Best gynecologist in Chandigarh Dr. Shikha Sardana

Why Vaginal Health is Important?

Poor vaginal health, for instance, an unclean or smelling vagina can lead to several complications. Poor vaginal health can adversely impact the reproductive tract and system as well as intimate relations with the partner. Bacterial or viral growth in the vagina can possibly affect fertility by invading the reproductive parts. The most important requirement is self-awareness, a female should be careful about the symptoms and signs shown by the vagina.

Mothers should start teaching their daughters hygienic practices at an early age. As soon as a female will develop of habit of keeping their private parts clean, the lesser will the chance of catching any infection or other problems. Let’s start with knowing some tips to stay hygienically fit.

Eat What is Correct

Feeding habits play a key role in the maintenance of not only the body but the pubic parts also. Food is required to provide a wide range of nutrients for the optimal function of the entire body system. As the food consumed affects the internal as well as external parts of the body in the same way it affects the vagina also. Improper chemicals consumed can cause a bad smell in the vagina which ultimately affects hygiene. A woman should eat food rich in Proteins, Vitamins C, and E, antioxidants, and omega-fatty acids.

Circumvent Tight Clothes

Undergarments made from soft cotton should be worn as this fabric is breathable I.e.; it will keep the passage of fresh air unrestricted. Reduced air circulation can cause sweating leading to the accumulation of moisture. Excess moisture can be a center of growth of infection-causing agents. Tight spandex, nylon undies, and leather pants should be avoided or used for a brief time.

Regular Cleaning of The Vagina

The vagina is a tract protected by two lip structures called the vulva. Vagina has a natural tendency to clean itself with secretion. The vagina forces out all the bacteria, dirt, or other foreign particles along with the secretion. As long as the vaginal secretion is not emitting a bad odor and does not appear yellow, it is concluded that the vagina is functioning properly. Vulva needs to be cleaned manually as it is skin. The vulva can be cleaned easily with mild soaps. There are hundreds of intimate wash options available in the market.

Vigna health makes woman happy

Grooming The Pubic Hair

Pubic hair plays an essential function in protecting the vulva and vagina. Pubic hair catches pathogens and doesn’t let them reach up to internal sections. Thus, it is required that pubic hair is not treated harshly. Pubic hair should not be cleaned with a razor. Although a clean and sanitized scissor can be used to trim the hair present down there.

Keep It Dry

A woman should keep her undergarments clean and dry. Every time after urinating a woman should wipe off her vagina with the help of tissue or a soft cotton cloth. Hence, the undies will remain dry and there will be minimal chances of vaginal infection. Separate tissue papers should be used to clean the vagina and anus. Although it should keep in mind that the vaginal is not rubbed with a rough cloth or excessive talcum powder is not used in order to keep the vagina dry.

Practice Safe Intercourse

Protected intercourse is required to keep the vagina safe from various STIs (sexually transmitted infections). STIs include herpes, syphilis, HIV, chlamydia etc. The use of a condom is the safest way to perform protected intercourse with a partner. Lubrication should be avoided to avoid infections. The chemicals present in the lubricants can damage the vaginal walls and cells.

Urinate and Clean Vagina after Intercourse

The particles of condoms can cause irritation in the vagina if the vagina is not cleaned immediately after intercourse. Improper cleaning of the vagina can make it prone to several infections. It is advised to urinate and clean the vagina with water immediately after intercourse.

Replace Sanitary Napkins in a Short Time

During periods vagina is more prone to catching the infection as it remains wet for 4 to 5 days continuously. Gynecologists suggest changing sanitary napkins after 5 to 6 hours independent of whether blood flow is normal, heavy, or light. The tampon should also be replaced in the same time duration.  The vaginal area should also be cleaned with water at regular intervals. If a woman is using reusable cloth pads, the pads should be washed properly and completely dried.

Avoid Self-Medication

UTI or mild genital disease can cause irritation or infection in the vaginal area. Still, it is advised that women should not try home remedies or the counter available ointments without the reference of a doctor. If a woman feels irritation or infection she should immediately consult with a physician for better advice for vaginal health.


The vagina is a very important part of the female body, so maintaining hygiene down there is required. Vaginal health pursues an impact on the overall health of a female. That’s the reason several gynecologists suggest maintaining the cleanliness and hygiene of the vagina. Mothers with a daughter should start educating them about vaginal health tips as early as possible especially when they start mensurating. The regular practice of the above-mentioned tips to maintain hygiene will ensure a healthy environment around the vagina. Stay away from the so-called ‘pH balancing’ solutions, as the vagina is naturally capable to maintain its required pH. Such solutions would only disturb the microbiome of the internal parts. Fragranced and harsh soaps should be avoided. A menopausal woman should keep extra care as the skin tend to become drier.  Consume at least 3 liters of water every day.

Every woman deserves a safe and healthy body and environment. If you have any doubts,  you get our best gynecologist services in Chandigarh at Vivant clinic by Dr. Shikha Sardana

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