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ashwarya sahrma testimonial
aishwarya sharma

“It was very tough to find best gyane doc in my city.
Then i came to know about Dr. Shikha, she is the best plus she use to listen properly and guide me so well.
Thankyou for support.
Highly recommended!!”

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“Dr. Shikha Sardana is the best gynaecologist of this region. The doctor who develops an intimacy with the patients, she is, Dr. Shikha Sardana. She entertains her patients whole heartedly ,listens to them, pays attention and provides solution. She is a doctor and an educationist as well. Before performing any surgery/ treatment , she teaches the relevant theory.She makes each and every scientific term clear to the patient in the same way as a teacher does in the classroom. Apart from this,she visits educational institutions. She guides the girls students and address their problems. Furthermore, she delivers her lectures on social media, imparts good knowledge.Everyone finds her lectures interesting. She has not confined her duty to OPD only.She attends her patients any time , any where.She is very much concerned and caring for her patients. She is optimistic, always motivates & encourages her patients. Her selfless efforts are always praiseworthy. May God bless her! May she progress by leaps and bounds!”
Anjali Sharma
“I have been lucky enough to have Dr Shikha as my gynaec. From Day 1, she made my pregnancy journey so smooth and easy. She is an expert in her field and has answers to all my questions. Even being so intelligent and perfect, she is such a down to earth lady as she always talks to all her patients politely and respectfully. I can almost write a book about her good qualities. I have and will always recommend her to all the would be mothers.. she is the best.. during my pregnancy, I was not able to gain weight so I asked her if I could use supplements. She straight away denied and asked me to stick to the diet. Getting a c-section was like a nightmare for me as I had heard about the backache and other issues. However, even after a C-section, I can dance, run, gym and do everything. Thank you doctor. God bless you..”
Harmeet Bhatia
“It was a great experience with Dr. Shikha Sardana at Chaitanya Hospital. Since First day she had given homely and very caring treatment to my wife I would say one of the best doctor I had met with. She is very helpful and cooperative and the best part is she treats her patients like her family , which makes patient to be comfortable during this critical time . Talking to her was like talking to a family member. She is very kind and compassionate. She listens to her patients very patiently and advises the best possible treatment . It was an amazing experience with her. Highly recommended Gynaecologist in Tricity 👍🏻”
Pankaj Gupta
“My delivery was done by Dr. Shikha n she is also one of the best doctor in Chaitanya hospital. She supported me throughout my gestational as well as postpartum period. Talking to her was like talking to family member. She listens to her patients very patiently. She is the best. It was an amazing experience with her. Highly recommended 👍🏻
Nidhi Umatt
“Dr Shikha is excellent, caring and personable doctor.She has thorough knowledge of latest infertility treatments.I was having PCOD and was unable to conceive.Thanks to her exemplary treatment, today I am mother to a cute kid. She treats her every patient as her family. I wish her success in all endeavors in life.🙂🙂”
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chinni pallavi
“It was a great experience with Dr.Shikha. One of the best doctors i had met with. She is very helpful and cooperative and the specialty is that she gives her patient an homely and family touch which makes patient very comfortable. A best guide.😊”
vikalp agrawal